You need this course if....

You're here to address how you feel about certain relationships in life, or maybe all of them.

You maybe here because anger is pulsing through you like a red-hot lava. And the resentment is boiling over like a pot filled with too much water and pasta. The exhaustion may be soul deep, splintered and sharp. If this sounds like you or maybe sounds like how you see yourself in the future, boundaries may be an issue for you.

Here's why you need this course:

You're a people pleaser

You're exhausted because you can't bring yourself to say "no"

You filter yourself in order to fit in

There is a particular person or group who drains the life out of you

You resent particular people in your life because they expect or take too much

You avoid situations or people or conflict so that you don't have feel "that way"

Your safe people tell you that you need to talk to the other person, instead of venting to them.

You feel like you will rock the boat if you say how you actually feel

You leave situations often saying to yourself "I don't ever want to feel that or experience that again"

Boundary setting is not something that comes naturally, or perhaps it does and we unlearn it as children because of parents non intentionally violating our boundaries ( think of how they grabbed our arms to get us to put our shoes on, or forced us to kiss great aunt Ida every single time even though we cried)

I can't tell you how many clients come through my office with anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness and the root cause it their lack of ability to say no, or set proper boundaries.

This course is for you if you're exhausted from feeling like you have to cater to the feelings of others.